Caring For The Environment

We are committed to achieving environmental best practice throughout our business activities. We recognise that the pursuit of economic growth and a healthy environment must be closely linked. We also appreciate that ecological protection and sustainable development are collective responsibilities in which business, individuals and communities all have a role to play.
We only work with manufacturers who embrace this shared commitment and we are constantly striving to limit the impact our business has on the environment, both domestically and globally.

Ethically Sourced

Globally source product from the world’s largest suppliers of laboratory glassware. We work hard to understand our supply chains, including quality control, health and safety, environmental, labour and human rights issues. We will always work with suppliers to make improvements where their practices fall short of our high expectations.​

Going Green
ACADEMY SCIENCE has a commitment to become a carbon neutral business (no small task). Amongst other initiatives, we have embraced the latest Photo Voltaic technology to provide enough electricity to power our U.K Distribution centre as well as contributing energy back to the National Grid.

It could be argued that the glass industry is the home to recycling! As the material structure does not deteriorate when reprocessed, waste glass can be reclaimed and used in the manufacturing process.