Academy Science


We manufacture laboratory items so that you can manifest your ideas. A real life example of deposition of theory into action!!


Academy products offer really super value; our range of practical, reliable and affordable items complement all scientific environments, a fact that is reflected in our brand support from research and development, industry production and education.


Let’s join forces and allow the beauty of science to shine!

About Us


We are a U.K. brand of laboratory consumables, primarily known for our glassware.
Our watchwords are value for money;
Our clients recognise this and we have substantial recurring sales into education, research and medical fields.


The Academy range is an expanding family of products with its roots in borosilicate glassware.
The Academy label may now be found on not only glass but also laboratory ceramics, electronics, plastics, paper and metal-ware.


From our Distribution Centre in the United Kingdom, we service globally. Service is our specialisation and are happy to discuss your requirements. Academy Science’s extensive transport network can provide a seamless door-to-door delivery service.


Academy labware is designed in the UK and manufactured at various sites around the globe,

calling upon local skills and expertise to create a well respected range of items for practical science. 

Beakers Beakers
Borosilicate glass beakers from 5ml to 20L capacity, available in different styles and types.
Bottles Bottles
A range of bottles including borosilicate laboratory bottles, sodaline reagent bottles, across a wide range of materials and sizes.
Conical Flasks Conical Flasks
Erlenmeyer or conical shaped flasks ideal for routine laboratory use. They are made of high quality borosilicate glass with excellent chemical resistance, and come in a range of sizes and styles to suit different applications.
Conical Measures Conical Measures
Conical measuring cylinders, or pharmaceutical measures, typically used in a pharmacuetical environment for mixing and measuring liquids, these are graduated and have a spout for easy pouring.
Crystallising Dishes Crystallising Dishes
Made of Borosilicate glass, these dishes have excellent thermal properties and chemical resistance making them suitable for use in laboratory applications.


We are committed to achieving environmental best practice throughout our business activities. We recognise that the pursuit of economic growth and a healthy environment must be closely linked. We also appreciate that ecological protection and sustainable development are collective responsibilities in which business, individuals and communities all have a role to play.
We only work with manufacturers who embrace this shared commitment and we are constantly striving to limit the impact our business has on the environment, both domestically and globally.